Our History

Carpenter Rigging & Supply Co., Inc. was founded by John L. Carpenter in 1950. The company was primarily engaged in the repair of shipboard gear as a sub-contractor to the shipyards in the Bay Area. Bernie Martin (pictured) joined the team in 1966 and in

1972, purchased control of Carpenter Rigging & Supply Co., Inc., and operations were expanded throughout California with the acquisition of nine other companies.

In 1995, the various branches became DBA’s under The Carpenter Group and staff grew to handle the ever increasing workload of the ship repair and construction industries and other commercial work.

In 2008, Mr. Martin sold The Carpenter Group to Bruce Yoder, a longtime employee and the General Manager of American Rigging & Supply in San Diego. The Carpenter Group has consolidated operations to eight locations throughout California.


Our Leadership

"In 1989, I joined American Rigging in San Diego as an outside salesman. I soon learned that The Carpenter Group was not an ordinary company. It was a family. Under Bernie Martin’s leadership, Carpenter became a leader in the industry. It is my goal to continue maintaining the integrity and family values that we, our customers and our vendors have become accustomed to."

- Bruce Yoder, President of The Carpenter Group


Our Mission

Quality, Safety, Service

It is the goal of The Carpenter Group to provide manufactured rigging products and hardware that are competitively priced and delivered on time with zero defects at quality and service levels consistent with the expectations of our customers.

To meet this goal, we comply with statutory requirements and are totally committed to implementing and maintaining standards in compliance with our latest ISO 9001 registration (six branches currently certified). We fully understand that to do so is good business. Our success stems from our commitment to associate involvement and continual improvement of business performance goals.

Here at The Carpenter Group, the safety of our employees and customers is taken very seriously. Our slogan, “Where Your Safety Comes First,” is our promise to you that your safety will always be our priority and will be exemplified by the inspection, testing and certification of all products as required before delivery.