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Company History

Carpenter Rigging & Supply Co., Inc. was founded by John L. Carpenter in 1951. The company was primarily engaged in the repair of shipboard gear as a sub-contractor to the shipyards in the Bay Area. Carpenter Rigging & Supply Co., Inc. established Carpenter Crane Hoist to manufacture Specialty Cranes servicing all industries especially clean room cranes for the semiconductor industry. Bernie Martin (pictured left) joined the team in 1966 and in

1972, purchased control of Carpenter Rigging & Supply Co., Inc., and operations were expanded throughout California with the acquisition of nine other companies:


Cable Distributors, San Francisco

California Industrial Supply Co., San Francisco

American Rigging & Supply, San Diego

Cableco, Santa Fe Springs

Hood Industries, Bakersfield

Bill C. Thomas, San Jose

Hewitt Marine, San Francisco

General Engineering, San Francisco

Cable Moore, Oakland


In 1995, the various branches became DBA’s under The Carpenter Group and staff grew to handle the ever increasing workload of the ship repair and construction industries and other commercial work. In 2008, Mr. Martin sold The Carpenter Group to Bruce Yoder, a longtime employee and the General Manager of American Rigging & Supply in San Diego.

About < Company History