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McKissick® Utility Crane Blocks

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Quick Reeve Crane Block

Gunnebo Johnson Corporation’s Quick Reeve Crane Block will save you both time and money. The combination of this unique Quick Reeve Crane Block and your crane’s Quick Reeve Boom Tip combine to make a reeving system that’s unsurpassed in productivity, safety and speed. Simply stand the block up and tilt it over on its positive support hook base, pull the quick release retaining pins, and run your rope (with wedge socket connected) through the block. It’s that simple! There are no drop away trap doors to get in your way or become bent or damaged, and the quick release retaining pins stay with the block at all times.

Standard Features Include:

  • Available tonnage capacities from 5-140 tons. Larger capacities available upon request.

  • Sheave diameters from 10″ – 30″, and 1 thru 9 sheave models.

  • Forged steel hooks 5-30 tons.

  • Dual-action swivel/swing roller thrust bearing hooks.

  • Quick release, zinc plated, rope retention pin meets OSHA requirements for rope retention. Pin cannot be completely removed from the block which avoids pin loss.

  • Gunnebo Johnson Corporation J-Latch™ heavy duty steel, lockable, spring loaded latch meets OSHA personnel lifting requirements. Provides a fast hook deformation inspection point.

  • Direct channel sheave lubrication through center pin.

  • Rope end fitting will pass through block.

  • Quick reeving upright design.

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Visit the websites of Crosby and Gunnebo Johnson for more block products and contact your local office to get your quote today.

Products < Blocks < Crane Blocks