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One of the products we manufacture is Twin-Path® high performance slings which have revolutionized lifting industries allowing users to handle heavy loads without the inconvenience of very heavy wire rope slings. These super strong and yet very lightweight products are 1/10th the weight of steel but up to ten times stronger. 

Testing Facilities

Our testing facilities are capable of testing wire rope slings, Twin-Path® slings, and braided wire rope slings to capacities over 600 tons. Fall protection is a very important aspect of our rigging business as we supply harnesses, lanyards, lifelines and all types of tie-off hardware and shock absorbers for all applications.

In 2009, The Carpenter Group completed the installation of a 1,200,000 pound, 120 ft. horizontal test machine. Built by Chant Engineering, it features elongation measurement while having cycle and break testing capabilities from a low of 150,000 lbs. force to a high range of 1.2 million lbs. force. The machine is calibrated to ASME-E4 standards and includes updated software which prints a certificate with a graph tracing the actual low value to the high value of the load test.

We will pull test any assembly or fixture up to 600 tons. We provide certification with traceable calibration to Spec E4 National Standards. And Reliable Delivery... on the job, on time, anywhere — from California's largest inventory of supplies to lift, pull, push, or place anything. 


As safety is our top priority here at The Carpenter Group, we offer special training and education services for our employees and our customers. These include but are not limited to the list below:

  • Risk Management

  • Support Safety Seminars (our shop or on-site)

  • Application Demonstrations

  • Comparative Product Presentations

  • Rigging Safety Classes - The Carpenter Group invites you to send rigging users and safety and loss control individuals to attend our next rigging safety training class. Be advised that ANSI B.30.9 is now requiring individuals involved with the use of rigging and rigging hardware to be trained under the proper use and inspection criteria. Call today to reserve seats for the next training or schedule a personalized training exclusively for your employees involved with rigging or the purchasing of rigging materials. Contact your local office for the type of training you desire. Become a “Partner In Safety” and protect yourself and your employees from potentially harmful accidents through quality education. Both four and eight hour courses are available.

  • Inspection Class: Basic 4 hour course covering inspection and proper use of all types of rigging and hardware.​

  • Rigger Mortis Class: Advanced 4 hour rigging training course covering sling load calculations, load angle factors, unbalanced loads, center of gravity calculations and loss control. It includes a workbook and rigging handbook.

Vendors & Services < Manufacturing, Testing, & Training