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Meet the Team

A Message from the President

"In 1989, I joined American Rigging in San Diego as an outside salesman. I soon learned that The Carpenter Group was not an ordinary company. It was a family. Under Bernie Martin’s leadership, Carpenter became a leader in the industry. It is my goal to continue maintaining the integrity and family values that we, our customers and our vendors have become accustomed to."


Bruce Yoder

President of The Carpenter Group

& General Manager of American Rigging and Supply

(San Diego)


(619) 233-5625 ext. 208


Here at The Carpenter Group we pride ourselves on our expertise as a number of our employees and General Managers have devoted their careers to this industry.

Our Leadership

Greg Bailey


Joined the team in 2007

Vice President of The Carpenter Group


(Los Angeles)

Hugh Yoder


Joined the team in 2011

General Manager of Carpenter Rigging


(San Francisco)

Joe Licastro


Joined the team in 1994

General Manager of Cable/Cisco



Harvey Booth


Joined the team in 2006

General Manager of


Hood Industries/Carpenter Rigging


Derik Omo


Joined the team in 2016

General Manager of Cable Moore



Rick Chavez


Joined the team in 2018

General Manager of Cableco

(Los Angeles)

About < Meet the Team