As full line rigging lofts, we are able to manufacture some of our own wear protection to protect customer slings from abrasion or cutting. One of the products we manufacture is Twin-Path® high performance slings which have revolutionized lifting industries allowing users to handle heavy loads without the inconvenience of very heavy wire rope slings. These super strong and yet very lightweight products are 1/10th the weight of steel but up to ten times stronger.

The Carpenter Group is a proud to be a member and active contributor of Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF).



In 2009, The Carpenter Group completed the installation of a 1,200,000 pound, 120 ft. horizontal test machine. Built by Chant Engineering, it features elongation measurement while having cycle and break testing capabilities from a low of 150,000 lbs. force to a high range of 1.2 million lbs. force. The machine is calibrated to ASME-E4 standards and includes updated software which prints a certificate with a graph tracing the actual low value to the high value of the load test.



As safety is our top priority here at The Carpenter Group, we offer special training and education services for our employees and our customers.  Trainings include but are not limited to the list below:

  • Risk Management

  • Support Safety Seminars (our shop or on-site)

  • Application Demonstrations

  • Comparative Product Presentations

  • Rigging Safety Classes  

  • Become a “Partner In Safety” 

  • Inspection Class

  • Rigger Mortis Class